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Who is P.Marie



P.MaRie born Portia  Marie, is a writer and performing artist from Chicago Illinois.Born September 24th, her father a Dj and both parents writers, influenced her love for music and literacy,she began writing poetry by the age of 6 and would put on shows for family singing and reciting poetry.She grew up on the west-side of Chicago during the Clinton era of the 90’s,Surrounded by crime,drugs,pain and violence, she kept a notebook by her side, thats when in the early 2000’s she met K.R.Y.S.S a neigboorhood Dj, the two began performing and making music together. P.MaRie’s first studio album,‘Determined to win’, was released September 24th,2016,the album details struggles of crime ridden city life, trials in relationships and being in love.Writer and Performing artist P.Marie is a voice for the disenfranchised,inspiration for the young nostalgia to the old, her music is not just music, it is empowering it is Awakening! In a nutshell P.MaRie is a Chicago born spiritual Wordsmith! 

Detailing her pain struggles and tools to triumph!

Who is Kryss



Kryss Born Christopher Teague ,is a musician producer and artist from Chicago Illinois.Born September 11th his father Cordell Teague was a blues musician playing drums & guitar for over 40 years with Shirley Johnson,Jhonny B Moore, J.W Williams & the chi town Hustlas and others before making his transition. Kryss’s grand father Eugene Teague was also a blues player that played with the group the dozier boys,they had a record contract with aristocrat records in the late 40’s.It’s no surprise that Kryss is musically inclined by nature.He developed a love for music at the age of 7 when he began playing piano by ear. As time progressed he started djing at age 11 when his older brother purchased a set of turntables. At the age of 14 he started making beats and rapping. It was then on he took everything about music serious.Kryss opened a studio and ran it from 2002 to 2009.
Fast forward to now he started his own company Knot Them Entertainment.
His music is described as an explosion of classical ,rock,hiphop,pop,dance and house all rolled up into one genre that stands alone.

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